06 October 2023 · 0 min read

Phil Harvey, CEO of Sabre56, on The Current State of Bitcoin Mining, the Future of Mining and more


Phil Harvey is the Founder & CEO of Sabre56, the leading hosting provider and digital asset mining consultant. As a cryptocurrency mining expert, Phil has been active in the space since 2014.

With a background in military operational planning, he has been devising solutions for the most complex problems facing blockchain companies for years, including growing one of the largest miners on the North American market.

Sabre56 today has consulted on over 700MW of computing power across North America, the Nordics, and the Middle East. The company builds and operates the most technologically advanced blockchain data centres, and acts as trusted hosting partner for leading miners globally.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Current state of the mining industry
- Phil’s road from elite military to crypto
- Mining economics & the upcoming halving
- Sabre56 scaling in the US market
- Vision for US expansion of blockchain data centres
- Partnerships + landmark consulting/construction deals
- Conceptualizing Bitcoin’s energy use
- Computing infrastructure of the future
- Crypto mining 101
- Regulation around digital asset mining
- Digital assets and renewable energy
- Bitcoin halving