15 September 2023 · 0 min read

Rachel Lin, CEO of SynFutures, on DeFi, Decentralized Derivatives Trading, and NFT Futures


Rachel Lin is the CEO and Co-Founder of SynFutures, a decentralized derivatives trading platform. Rachel previously worked at Deutsche Bank, specializing in derivatives, and was part of the founding team at Matrixport, one of Asia’s largest crypto neobanks.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- TradFi players entering the crypto space
- Potential to power the unbanked and underbanked
- Removing unnecessary intermediaries in Trad-Fi
- Importance of treasury management
- SynFutures’ V3 DeFi derivatives platform
- NFTures
- Interoperability & scalability (zkrollups)
- Regulatory compliance
- Does FTX deserve a second chance?
- Advantages of DeFi over Trad-Fi