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It is crazy to think that some of the Most Influential People In Crypto heard about bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology just a few years ago. At the speed of which the industry is expanding and growing, everyone in the industry can agree that one year in crypto, actually feel like a couple of years in normal year terms. People In Crypto is a story-telling series that features content from a wide variety of individuals, such as people who are just getting into the cryptocurrency space, leading experts from other industries, taught technical leaders, activists and criticts, and sometimes even people considered as the Most Influential People In Blockchain. There is countless stories from People In Blockchain or People In Cryptocurrency communities that are unique and sometimes unbelievable, and it's the goal of this section to surface these stories and bring them to everyone’s attention. If you have ever been to a cryptocurrency focused events or meetups, you have likely heard some crazy stories from people in the space. We want to hear these stories, and share the best ones with our audience. Despite its decentralized nature, the crypto community and blockchain community would not be what they are today, if it weren’t for a number of specific key individuals who brought the industry forward, with their innovations and contributions. It is to be said though that what remains at the heart of the development of the industry, is the collective effort and work of thousands of people out there, who together are redefining the meaning of the financial systems the world currently operates in.

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